Boris Becker advises Djokovic to attack the Spaniard’s drive

Former German tennis player Boris becker He gave a few words to the Daily Mail to analyze the second semi-final of Roland Garros that will face the Serbian Novak Djokovic and the Spanish Rafael Nadal, in one of the matches called to change the history of tennis. The German analyzes what aspects Djokovic has to exploit if he wants to have his options to defeat the king of Paris.

– Do not think that the result of this match looks like the final last year:

“It’s a repeat of the final we saw last year in October. I would be very surprised if the result was very similar to then. I don’t think Nadal will win so comfortably. In my opinion, Rafa played at a great level last year. past, but I don’t think that can be said this time. He has had some vulnerabilities in his matches so far. “

– He does not rule out a possible victory for the Serbian today:

“If we look at Nadal’s last games. Sinner had a serve to close the first set. Norrie created some problems for him at the beginning of the second set, and on Wednesday Schwartzman equalized him until the final stretch of the third set. Nadal’s winning aura, but with Djokovic that’s totally different. I wouldn’t go so far as to make him a favorite to win the match because this is all relative. Even when he’s not in his best form on the ground, Nadal’s level is so high that he can afford to lower the bar a bit and continue to be the best, but I think Djokovic is going to have his chances. “

– Becker advises Djokovic to attack the Spaniard’s right:

“If he continued to be Djokovic’s coach, I would tell him to strive on the Spaniard’s forehand, which has not been entirely consistent with what we are used to. That blow can produce numerous unforced errors if he manages to pressure him. afford to give it time. You need to be focused from the get-go. “

– The physical and mental factor is also important:

“They are going to face two players who have seen each other 57 times. Another factor is going to be how Djokovic has recovered physically from his quarter-final match against Berrettini. It was a physically and emotionally exhausting match. We will see. what this game holds for us “.

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