Borderlands: Edgar Ramírez joins the film’s cast as Atlas

Get ready for more coincidences between cinema and the adventures you already know from consoles. Increasingly, it seems that video game firms are willing to let the cinema adapt some of their most successful stories. One that is generating anticipation for the stellar cast it has landed is the Borderlands, which has just added actor Édgar Ramírez to his team.

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According to Variety, Borderlands will feature Edgar ramirez as Atlas, one of the protagonists of the video game. The actor joins the cast that already has incredible actors like Cate Blanchett and Jack Black. The adaptation will be in charge of the director Eli Roth, who has not stopped speaking well of this new interpreter and took the opportunity to share his excitement for the project regarding the announcement of his collaboration:

What an incredible honor to have an actor of Edgar’s caliber, talent and charisma in the company of Cate Blanchett and the remarkable cast. Atlas has to be a truly magnetic character, someone with charisma and charm, but with an air of menace. I’ve been a fan of Edgar since his earliest performances and he continues to amaze me. We want to do something wild and fun and very different from what we’ve seen Edgar do before. I am very excited to work with him.

In games, Atlas is the name of various weapon manufacturers that the player can come across. In the film, he is being described as one of the most powerful characters in the universe and an important businessman. As far as it is known, he will be the one who enlists Lilith, Blanchett’s character, to rescue her daughter from the dangerous planet of Pandora, a mission that she accepts without much intention of returning to her former home.

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Ramírez already has a well-established career in Hollywood. He participated in the movie The Darkest Night – 92% as an intelligence agent as well as a murderer in Bourne: The Ultimatum – 94%. More recently he also received a lot of attention for his participation in The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story – 79%, where he played the fashion designer. We also just saw him in the HBO miniseries The Undoing – 75% g.

The adaptation he is now joining is one of multiple video game-based films that are on the way. Among the others we can look forward to, there is one from Ghost of Tsushima – 100% which was announced a few weeks ago, and the one closest to releasing the reboot of Mortal Kombat, which will be followed by Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City. Also, there are several series on the way, such as one of The Last of Us: Part II – 100%, Fallout, with Jonathan Nolan, and Assassin’s creed.

There is still no release date for Borderlands, but they are expected to begin filming soon and now that the cast is almost ready, it surely won’t take long to find out more about the adaptation. If everything goes like this, and it can finish its production this summer, we can most likely expect its premiere in the second half of 2022.

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