In the story of his Instagram account, the French rapper Booba tackles Drake. He laughs at his prank!

In an underground car park, Drake gets trapped in a terribly scary prank. Rapper Booba shares the video and laughs at his reaction! MCE tells you more.

Chase the natural and it comes back at a gallop. If Booba assures that he no longer wants to waste his time making fun of these congeners, it is not the impression he gives on social networks.

Indeed, the interpreter of “Cavaliero” can not help himself. The French rapper always finds an opportunity to make fun of a person.

And very often the artist attacks rappers. Not long ago, Omar and Luna’s father was taking on one of his biggest rivals, Rohff.

Thus, the Duke of Boulogne posted the cover of his album “Nero Nemesis”. However, this one lets appear the title “Felix Éboué”. Either a piece that‘he dedicates to his best enemy. It stings !

But today, Booba gives his full attention to Drake. The reason ? B2o has just fallen on a nugget: the American rapper got trapped in a prank.

Booba doesn’t stop laughing

When Booba puts his hand on a hilarious video, the father of the family never shies away from sharing it in his story on Instagram.

After all, he still wants to benefit its subscribers. The more people there are, the more we laugh. But one who laughs a lot less is Drake.

And for good reason, the American rapper was the target of a bad joke by a whole film crew. Locked in the car in an underground car park, the artist saw an unbelievable situation.

Indeed, the latter witnessed a fire. But that’s not all ! A man asks him to move his car because he has to go to the hospital urgently: his wife is about to give birth.

The problem ? Drake doesn’t have the keys to the car, and he does not know where his driver has gone. Thus, the rapper becomes more and more anxious. A behavior that makes Booba laugh a lot!

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