Bonvicini polishes Marcos Paulo

Diego Pablo Simeone, coach of the

Atlético de Madrid,
wants the new signing of the mattress team Marcos Paulo to get up to speed as soon as possible. That happens for the physical, but also for the tactical and technical.

It is not easy for such a young player, who comes from Brazil, adapt to the high demands of the team. In this sense, during the last days, both he and the youth squad German Valera they had different private sessions, with different workloads.

But this Tuesday afternoon was a full-blown clinic for the Brazilian and for the Murcian. Once the first part of the training was concluded, with the rest of the teammates, with various exercises of mental agility, driving the ball, etc., both players stayed in an adjacent field to which the rest worked.

Both with one of the trusted men of the Cholo, with Hernan
Bonvicini. The Argentine coach was in charge of taking both players, especially the Brazilian, to exercises aimed at quickly resolving attack actions.

Marcos Paulo and Hernán Bonvicini, shared, together with Germán Valera, a special preparatory session.

The objective, to automate almost the movements for a football that is faster than the Brazilian. Thus, many of the exercises were based on shots on target. From the front of the area, the new signing, as well as his teammate, had to start from positions with their backs to the goal, receive and quickly turn to define. Both with and without resistance from a rival, whom they had to get rid of.


Likewise, he also had to work with the rubber bands and the ball, an ordeal to try to define and pass, because they pull back the players. For more than half an hour, both players continued with a personalized plan. There were also centers from the sides with top shots. It is clear that in the case of Mark Paulo, Simeone He wants him to adapt as soon as possible to the speed of European football, especially when thinking and executing movements in front of the goal. And the fact is that the Brazilian is more dangerous the closer he is to the area.

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