The Bono Proteger aims to help with 62,500 or 125,000 settlers to workers unemployed by the economic crisis of the coronavirus. This help will be given for three months. The declaration of the state of emergency caused the closure of all sectors of the country, except health and food. This left many employees without receiving their minimum wage. Thus, the Government of Costa Rica took out this bond to help the most disadvantaged.

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On May 5, the delivery of the voucher began where more than 200,000 people have received this financial aid. The bonus is divided into two amounts: one for those whose working hours have decreased by 50%, and the other for workers with working hours decreased by more than 50%.

In order to receive this help, you must fill out a form on the web and attach a signed affidavit.

“I declare under oath that the information contained in this electronic form is true, therefore, I assume the corresponding administrative and criminal responsibilities and consequences in case of falsehood, inaccuracy, or omission for the processing of the Protect Bond. In case the person does not provide true information, he is exposed to the cancellation of the administrative process for the granting of the bond, the opening of a criminal process for perjury and false testimony (article 366 and following of the Costa Rican Criminal Law), and the establishment of an administrative collection process in case of those resources obtained as a result of misleading the administration with the false information declared under oath or the contribution of any false documentation for that purpose “, informs the website about the sworn declaration.

To receive this bonus, you must be a Costa Rican or a foreigner in a regular immigration status. Further, you must be over 15 years old and have an identity document (DIMEX).