Bonus against hunger in Bolivia: requirements, who can collect it and payment methods

The Bonus Against Hunger returns to the scene to deliver an amount of 1,000 bolivianos to each beneficiary, according to the Supreme Decree approved by the national government. The subsidy may be collected in cash through the bank windows or with a deposit in the one-person bank account.

“The beneficiaries of the Bono Contra el Hambre are Bolivian citizens residing in the country, over 18 years of age as of September 16, 2020“, informed the norm approved by the Cabinet of ministers. President Luis Arce exercises one of his first functions and, in addition, he indicated that it will be canceled in December.


What women have previously received the Juana Azurduy Bonus They may request the help of the Bond Against Hunger. As for the visually impaired, Those who were beneficiaries of the Homelessness Bonus will receive it registered with the Bolivian Institute of Blindness.

The Voucher Against Hunger may be collected for 90 days, after the first day of the start of the delivery of the voucher. The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development of the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank will finance all spending that generates the bonus.