Boniek guarantees the continuity of Paulo Sousa

06/24/2021 at 5:58 PM CEST


Zbigniew Boniek, President of the Polish Federation, has ensured the continuity of the Portuguese Paulo Sousa as coach one day after the team’s elimination at Euro 2020.

“We failed in sport, we did not achieve the results we expected, but Paulo Sousa remains and we hope that he will take us to the World Cup,” he said. Boniek at a press conference after the 3-2 defeat to Sweden that meant the Polish side’s farewell by finishing fourth and last in group E after Spain, Sweden and Slovakia.

Paulo Sousa took over the Polish national team in January and has failed to reach at least the round of 16, although in the last game he had some option when Robert Lewandowski he balanced an adverse 2-0, but ended up falling in the extension.

Paulo Sousa has a contract. He is a very good coach and I have the impression that he knew how to lead the players. The equipment that the fans saw is different than what we were used to. Problems are not solved by changing coaches. We need stability, “he said.

“He is a coach who has a lot of experience and knows what this team needs,” said Boniek, who argued that they saw a team that was not afraid and that, for example, they played against Spain, “the sixth team in the world, equally equal “, and that” Sweden and Slovakia were dominated in many respects. “

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