BRASÍLIA – As he tries to lower the temperature of the political crisis that could lead to an eventual impeachment process, President Jair Bolsonaro sent to the leaders of the act to support his government this Sunday, 17, a request to avoid banners and slogans against the Federal Supreme Court (STF) and Congress.

Bolsonaro, according to one of his closest assistants, made the request to some movement leaders he has contact with, justifying that the insurgency against the other powers was not helping him at this moment in which he seeks a truce. The president is pushing for the coronavirus pandemic crisis, which included the departure of two ministers of health, and the STF investigation that investigates the accusations of former Minister of Justice, Sérgio Moro, that he tried to interfere in the command of the Federal Police .

Some organizers of the demonstrations were tasked with asking supporters to collect the banners, especially when the president appeared on the ramp of the Planalto Palace. The concern was to prevent the president from appearing in the press once again by chancelling an anti-democratic act. Despite this, some posters remained at the demonstration.

By participating in the act alongside 11 ministers, Bolsonaro made a point of reinforcing that there was no protest against the other powers. “No banner, no flag, that violates our Constitution, the rule of law,” said the president during the broadcast, in relation to the protesters.

This is the first time that a member of the Planalto admits the existence of the president’s relationship with the leaders of the demonstrations. In previous acts calling for the closure of Congress and the Supreme Court, Bolsonaro, despite participating, said that it was a spontaneous action and always denied that he encouraged his supporters. Despite the president’s request to collect the banners, the aide says Bolsonaro never asked for them to be extended.

One of the main leaders of the acts, Navy Reserve Captain Winston Lima said there was no request from the president to avoid criticism. According to him, the initiative to hunt the tracks with anti-democratic content occurred after realizing Bolsonaro’s discomfort.

“We started to see that the media called the acts undemocratic because of one or two little bands, but they don’t represent the supporters. We also realized that the president didn’t want to. He even said that after demonstrating at Headquarters, but he didn’t no request, “he said.

According to the military man who is daily at the lobby of the Palácio da Alvorada waiting for the president to leave in the morning, the leaders requested to avoid affront to the Supreme Court and to the Congress occurred when the act was called. The orientation was for supporters to focus on words of exaltation to the president.

“We told you before, but when we went down to the Planalto Palace, where the president would be, we asked people not to go with the posters. They understood well,” said Lima. According to him, manifesting other powers at a time when the president is seeking an approach was not convenient. “It doesn’t make sense. Things are getting in the way of the STF and Congress. They are getting together,” he said.

Last week, the Chief Executive rehearsed with an approach with the Mayor, Rodrigo Maia, when he received him at the Planalto Palace. In the previous one, he was received with businessmen by the president of the STF, Minister Dias Toffolli. The surprise visit did not go well at the Court and was seen as a presidential pressure, but Bolsonaro assesses that the gesture shows his willingness for dialogue.

Last Friday, 15th, Minister Celso de Mello, of the STF, dispatched a statement to the Planalto Palace to inform the president of the process under way in the Court that involves an impeachment request filed against him. The dean’s determination also opens space for Bolsonaro to speak out and challenge the action, if he wants to.

The lawsuit was filed by lawyers José Rossini Campos and Thiago Santos Aguiar with the aim of charging, through the courts, that the president of the Chamber analyze a request for removal filed by them in March. When challenged by the dean, Maia spoke out asking the Court to reject the request alleging that impeachment is an “extreme solution”.

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