This Friday, President Jair Bolsonaro criticized social isolation as a tool to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and said that people cannot fear the coronavirus, adding, once again, that he himself may have been infected. because he walks “among the people”.

President Jair Bolsonaro at the Alvorada Palace 05/13/2020 REUTERS / Adriano Machado

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“Maybe I got caught,” Bolsonaro said in an interview with Jovem Pan radio, adding, however, that he did three tests that were negative.

Bolsonaro also went back to defending the use of chloroquine, even admitting to knowing that there is no scientific evidence on the effectiveness of the drug to treat Covid-19.

On the day that Brazil became the second country in the world with the most cases of Covid-19, with 330 thousand records, and reached 21 thousand deaths caused by the disease caused by the new coronavirus, according to data from the Ministry of Health, Bolsonaro He said he was “investigating” whether the reported deaths are, in fact, due to the new virus, citing videos that they have received in which people at funerals are denying that their family members have been victims of the disease.

The president added that he has a clear conscience when recommending the use of chloroquine, even in the early stages, and that even if it proves a “placebo effect” after studies, he prefers the feeling of defeat to not having fought.

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