Bolsonaro minimizes the risk of a second wave of COVID-19 in Brazil

Bolsonaro described the second wave of COVID-19 as “conversinha”, a word that in Portuguese can mean rumor or lie

President Jair bolsonaro again minimized the possibility that Brazil suffer a second wave of coronavirus, as already warned by some scientists supported by an increase in hospitalizations in recent days.

In a brief meeting with some followers at the gates of his official residence, Bolsonaro described the second wave, which is already being suffered by Europe and other regions of the world, as “converinha“, A word that in Portuguese can mean both rumors and lies.

The leader insisted that if the epidemic that has already killed almost 165 thousand people and affected about 5.7 million Brazilians persists, “it will have to be faced, because if the economy is not going to fail and Brazil will be a country of miserable people.”

Burial of a COVID-19 victim in Brazil. Photo by . / Archive

The possibility of starting a second wave, when Brazil has not yet finished exceeding the first, has begun to be shuffled by some scientists, based on a strong increase in the number of hospitalizations registered in recent weeks in some cities of the country.

This increase in people admitted by COVID-19 It has been seen in Sao Paulo, the city hardest hit by the pandemic in the country, but also in some regions of the north and northeast, where both deaths and cases had been substantially reduced.

Bolsonaro has reacted to those fears with visible irritation, as he did last Tuesday, when he publicly complained about those who “frighten” and “frighten” society with a possible worsening of the health crisis.

“They threaten the second wave. You have to face it. That’s life. I have feelings for all those who died, “said Bolsonaro, but noted:” There is no way to escape reality. We have to stop being a country of queers ”.

Despite the president’s speech, some members of the Government have begun to speak publicly of the eventual second wave of the pandemic.

Among them is the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, who the day before acknowledged that, if there were a second wave, the emergency aid approved to subsidize the poorest, the unemployed and informal workers last April should be maintained, once COVID-19 broke into the country with force.

“If there is a second wave of the pandemic, it is not a possibility, it is a certainty, we will have to react. But that is not plan A, it is not what we are thinking about now ”, declared Guedes when speaking at an event of the supermarket association.

The minister clarified that, in this extreme case, the “state of calamity”Decreed in the country last April, which, like emergency aid to the poorest, expires at the end of the year.

The “state of calamity” decreed last April allowed the Government to ignore the fiscal deficit targets set for this year in the budgets, which according to Brazilian law are mandatory and can even cause the removal of a president if not be respected.

However, this state of emergency will expire on December 31 and, if it were not renewed by Parliament, the Government would have enormous difficulties in maintaining the subsidy for the poorest, since the impact of the pandemic has aggravated the fiscal crisis Chronicle suffered by the Brazilian public sector.

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