Brazil recorded a new record of cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours. Getting close to the maximum capacity of the ICUs, Sao Paulo analyzes expanding the Quarantine. The Minister of Health, Nelson Teich, says it is not the time to relax the insulation. The government promises to conduct rapid tests on 2.3 million elderly people in the country. And a judge gives the president 48 hours Jair Bolsonaro show the results of your covid-19 exams.

See below the list of the main news from ‘Estadão’ this Thursday, April 30, 2020:

1. Brazil ends April with 5,901 deaths and 85,380 cases of coronavirus

Brazil ends the month of April with a total of 5,901 deaths and 85,380 people infected by the new coronavirus. In the last 24 hours, the country recorded 435 deaths and 7,218 new cases of covid-19 contamination, reported the Ministry of Health.

2. City of SP will expand quarantine and increase circulation restriction

The City of São Paulo should not only extend the period of closure of non-essential commerce in the city, but also block the circulation of cars in the coming days, if the pressure for beds in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds continues at current levels and the percentage of adherence to social isolation remains below 50%.

3. Teich admits that the country may have a thousand deaths a day and changes the discourse on isolation

The Minister of Health, Nelson Teich, completely changed the tone about the plans to relax the social isolation defended by President Jair Bolsonaro and admitted that the moment is inappropriate, given the increasing advance of deaths and contamination throughout the country.

4. Government promises to conduct rapid coronavirus tests on 2.3 million elderly people

The government has said it will do more than 2.3 million rapid tests in the elderly. The measure is part of a set of actions aimed at people who make up the main risk group for coronavirus.

5. Onyx says that Caixa queues occur because of the ‘nature’ and ‘culture’ of Brazilians

The Minister of Citizenship, Onyx Lorenzoni, said on Thursday, 30, that the queues at Caixa agencies to receive emergency aid of R $ 600 occur due to the “nature” and “culture” of Brazilians who have difficulty accessing the application created by the government.

6. Judge does not accept medical report and gives Bolsonaro 48 hours to deliver exams

Federal judge Ana Lúcia Petri Betto decided to give the president another 48 hours Jair Bolsonaro deliver to court “the reports of all tests” carried out to verify whether or not it was contaminated by the new coronavirus. For the magistrate, the medical report sent by the Attorney General’s Office (AGU) does not “fully” comply with last Monday’s court order.

7. STF overturns excerpts from Bolsonaro’s MP that restricted the Access to Information Law

The Federal Supreme Court unanimously overturned parts of Provisional Measure 928, enacted in March by the Jair Bolsonaro government to restrict the Access to Information Law (LAI). All ministers voted according to the rapporteur, Alexandre de Moraes, who suspended the changes promoted by the Planalto amid the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

8. Marco Feliciano says Bolsonaro ‘demanded’ analysis of church debts, ‘in light of the law’

One of the exponents of the evangelical bench in the National Congress, deputy Marco Feliciano (Pode-SP) confirmed in a Twitter post that President Jair Bolsonaro “demanded” the analysis of church debts with the IRS. He guarantees, however, that this assessment would be made “in the light of the law”.

9. Impeachment process is opened against governor of Amazonas

Amazonas Governor Wilson Lima (PSC)

Photo: Diego Peres / Secom-AM / Reproduction / Estadão

The President of Legislative Assembly of the State of Amazonas (Aleam), Joshua Neto (PRTB), approved this Thursday, 30, the opening of the process of impeachment the governor of Amazonas, Wilson Lima (PSC), and the vice governor, Carlos Almeida (PTB). With the health system collapsed due to covid-19, Amazonas may be the first state in the country to have a governor removed from office during the world pandemic.

10. Coronavirus was not created or modified by man, says US intelligence

The US intelligence services announced on Thursday, 30, that they had come to the conclusion that the new coronavirus originated in China, but “it was not created by man, nor was it genetically modified”. The conclusion denies conspiracy theories propagated by anti-China activists and some supporters of President Donald Trump, who insinuate that the new coronavirus was developed by Chinese scientists in a biological weapons laboratory.

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