According to the President, his government is taking all necessary measures to protect the population, but without “hysteria” and “panic”


The Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro, asked that the country leave behind the “scorched earth concept” before the coronavirus and he said that there is no reason to confine the population for what he called “flu

“The virus arrived” and “it will soon pass”, said the leader of the Brazilian extreme right in a statement broadcast on radio and television, in which he stressed that “life must go on”, “jobs have to be maintained” and “family income has to be preserved.”

Bolsonaro again criticized the measures adopted by some of the country’s governors, who, as in the state of Sao Paulo since this Tuesday, have declared the entire population in quarantine, and stood up against “the transport ban” and “mass confinement “to contain the COVID-19.

“There is no reason to close schools,” when “in the world” those most affected by the pandemic are people over 60, the president said the day the number of deaths in the country due to the coronavirus it reached 46, with 2,201 cases.

“In my particular case, in the event that it was infected, I would not need to worry, because it would be flu, a cold, “said Bolsonaro, who turned 65 last Saturday and is thus in those considered as risk groups.

“90% of us will not have any manifestation if we catch it,” said the president, who asked Brazilians to feel any symptoms that they have a “special concern for not transmitting the virus.”

According to the president, his government is taking all necessary measures to protect the population, but without the “hysteria” and “panic” that, in his opinion, “some media” spread throughout the world.

He also stressed that “the world is looking for a treatment for the disease” and that in Brazil and in other countries “it is looking to verify the efficacy of chloroquine”, used to treat malaria and other illnesses and on which he assured that there are “positive news” .

As happened during the last days at night, in many cities of the country Bolsonaro’s pronouncement was accompanied by loud cacerolazos, organized on social networks by people who protest almost daily about the government’s contempt against the pandemic.