At the ministerial meeting in which he admits to interfering in government agencies, President Jair Bolsonaro defended to arm the population in order, according to his view, to avoid imposing a dictatorship in the country. At the meeting, which took place at Palácio do Planalto on April 22, the president indicated that he saw weakness in the institutions when he declared that he considered it “easy”, “very easy” to strike a coup and end the current democratic system. “I want everyone to be armed! That the armed people will never be enslaved.”

“Putting a dictatorship! Easy! A shit from a mayor makes a shit out of a decree, handcuffs, and leaves everyone inside the house. If he had been armed, he would go to the street,” said Bolsonaro, referring to restrictive measures imposed to avoid the spread of the new coronavirus. “What if I were a dictator, right? I wanted to disarm the population, as everyone did in the past when they wanted to, before imposing their respective dictatorship.”

In the sequence, Bolsonaro charges the ministers of Defense, Fernando Azevedo, and Justice, at the time still Sérgio Moro, to sign an ordinance to give “a hell of a message for these crap”. The aforementioned ordinance was published in the Federal Official Gazette the following day, increasing the number of firearm ammunition that each person can access.

With the modification, the number of projectiles allowed, in the year, can exceed 6 thousand, according to the accounts of the Instituto Sou da Paz. “Why am I arming the people? Because I don’t want a dictatorship! Isn’t it? You can’t hold on anymore “, said Bolsonaro at the meeting.

The measure was published a week after Bolsonaro ordered to suspend three other Army ordinances that, in the view of specialists, made it difficult for organized crime to acquire ammunition diverted from barracks. As Estadão revealed, the Federal Public Ministry investigates the president’s undue interference in the episode. On Monday, prosecutors sued the Justice for the rules to be restored.

‘Tail between legs’

Bolsonaro also cites “monocratic” decisions taken by ministers of the Supreme Federal Court to refer to a possible impeachment.

“The day that the Supreme Court is prohibited from going anywhere in Brazil, the term ends. I hope they don’t decide, or he, right? Monocratically, wanting to take certain measures because then we are going to have a real political crisis”, said Bolsonaro. “I’m not going to put my tail between my legs. This is … zero, zero. Okay?”, Added the president.

Bolsonaro was referring to his participation in a demonstration that defended the closure of Congress and the Supreme Court the previous weekend. The organization of the act became the subject of an investigation in the Court by decision of Minister Alexandre de Moraes.

A few days before, Moraes had already decided, monocratically, that the federal government could not overturn decrees of states and municipalities that established measures of social isolation. The minister’s decision was later confirmed by the majority of the Court.

The information is from the newspaper The State of S. Paulo.

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