Currently, the former president of Bolivia is living freely in Argentina after his exile after being removed

. – Bolivia.- The Prosecutor’s Office Bolivia issued a formal accusation for alleged crimes of terrorism against the former president of the country Evo Moraleswho is in Argentina, in which he asks for his preventive detention.

The accusation was issued by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutors Commission, the Attorney General of the State of Bolivia.

Evo Morales is investigated in the so-called Bolivia as « Audio Case », by a telephone recording in which a voice attributed to the former president urges to block cities during the political and social conflict that crossed the country between October and November last year.

The imputation for alleged crimes of terrorism and financing terrorism It is based on a telephone conversation with the coca grower leader Faustino Yucra.

« According to the investigations, it was evident that the former head of state and the co-defendant Faustino YY maintained communication through telephone calls on November 14, 2019, from Mexico City, » where Morales was then, « to El Torno », in Bolivia, according to a statement from the Prosecutor’s Office.

« Apparently, in that conversation, » adds the note, « Morales would have instructed the coca grower leader to commit illegal acts during the violent events registered in the country as of November 10, 2019, » when the then-president announced his resignation, denouncing that he was forced by a coup.

A report of calls to the telephone lines of both made by the Institute of Technical Scientific Research of the Police University of Bolivia shows that Morales and Yucra had communicated on at least two other occasions between November 12 and 17, 2019, according to the Prosecutor’s Office.


Computer skills allowed finding on a phone from Alejandro YS, Faustino’s son, a video that circulated on social networks and that includes that audio, which was sent to the Technical Investigation Corps of the Colombian Public Ministry, which concluded that there is « a high probability of identification of the voice « of Morales, highlights the bulletin.

The audio includes phrases such as « brother, do not enter the cities with food, we are going to block, I really fence », which the former president supposedly pronounces from Mexico, where he went first before traveling to Buenos Aires last December.

Yucra was sent to preventive detention in a prison in the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz after being arrested last April, on charges of terrorism and sedition within this same judicial process, which is in the preliminary phase.

Morales, who requested refuge in Argentina, faces several processes for different accusations in Bolivia, after complaints among others from the Bolivian interim government itself, for which the Prosecutor’s Office has already issued requests to Interpol to arrest him.

Evo Morales He denounced last November that he was forced to leave power by a coup d’état amid pressure from the military and the police, among others, to deprive him of his new electoral victory for a fourth term followed in the October elections, then annulled between complaints of fraud in his favor, and force him to resign after almost fourteen years at the helm of the country.