The Bolivian Prosecutor’s Office has announced this Wednesday that it will call to declare Carolina Ribera Áñez, daughter of the self-proclaimed interim president, Jeanine Áñez, for an alleged crime for having improperly used a Bolivian Air Force (FAB) light aircraft in the midst of a crisis health caused by the pandemic of COVID-19.

This was confirmed by Attorney General Juan Lanchipa during a press conference held in Sucre, the capital of Bolivia, located in the south of the country, according to the local newspaper ‘La Razón’.

“The daughter will be summoned because she has been part of the complaint. In the case of the president, it is the Legislative Assembly that must request the accusatory proposition,” said Lanchipa.

The complaint to which the prosecutor refers is the one that was filed on May 13 against Áñez’s own daughter, the deputy of the Christian Democratic Party (PDC) Ginna Torrez and her son, Mauricio Raña, for alleged crimes of improper use of State goods, public services and influence peddling.

It was the Government Minister, Arturo Murillo, who revealed to the media that Torrez and his son accompanied Ribera on his trip back to La Paz from Tarija in a FAB ship on May 4, since the deputy He had to go to a session of the Legislative Assembly, which was ultimately not for attending the birthday of Áñez’s daughter.

However, this was not the only time that Ribera’s use of a FAB aircraft has been questioned, since on April 26 he traveled to the municipality of Roboré, in the department of Santa Cruz, arguing to know the situation in which the population finds itself, despite the fact that the authorities denied that they had any news about their arrival and denounced that they refused to meet with them.