Bolivia announces that mass vaccination against covid-19 with Sinopharm will begin next week

The Bolivian government announced on Friday that it plans to start the Vaccinemassive action against Covid-19, after the arrival of half a million doses of the Vaccine produced by the Chinese firm Sinopharm.

« Next week we have the arrival of the Vaccines of the Sinopharm laboratory and with that we are going to start the Vaccinemassive investment in the country and we are going to comply with the medical sectors, « said presidential spokesman Jorge Richter, at a press conference.

He assured that the plan Vaccinetion, which should reach the entire population over 18 years of age by mid-year, will not be affected by the 10-day strike declared by medical schools and unions in rejection of a health emergency law that aims to make the fight against disease more effective. pandemic.

« Regardless of whether they strike, we are going to Vaccinetion, to culminate with the medical sectors so that they can have guaranteed health, « said the official spokesman.

Richter explained that VaccineThe Chinese will be aimed mainly at health personnel, of which some 10,000 people have already received the first application of the Vaccine Russian Sputnik V.

With the Vaccines Sinopharm, the Government of Bolivia plans to immunize all health personnel in the country, including doctors, other professionals, nurses and support personnel, which according to the spokesperson has increased to 203,000 people with recent hires in the public sector.

« This is going to begin in this month of February, before the end of the month, » he remarked, noting that other shipments of Vaccines against the covi-19 will arrive from March.

The Government of Luis Arce, which accused the temporary administration of Jeanine Áñez (2019-2020) of not having effectively managed the provision of Vaccines last year, it made emergency procedures in the last three months with which it guaranteed the arrival of 15.3 million doses of Vaccines.

This provision will be made up of 5.2 million doses of Sputnik V and 5 million of AstraZeneca, purchased by the Government, plus 5.1 million others. Vaccines channeled through the Covax global mechanism, led by the World Health Organization.

Source: Sputnik

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