Bolivia and Ecuador draw La Paz 2-2 for the Qualifiers

Bolivia receives Ecuador, for the third date of the South American Qualifiers Bolivia receives Ecuador, for the third date of the South American Qualifiers

The third date of South American Qualifiers Heading for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar raises its curtain this afternoon, with a duel of teams that are used to playing at high altitude. In the Hernando Siles de La Paz (city located at 3,640 meters above sea level) you can see the faces Bolivia and Ecuador. The referee is the Brazilian Wilton sampaio.

The visiting team had a good start, with control of the ball and at times cornering their rival, but they lacked depth to generate situations and the few that they had could not be specified. For its part, the local cast went from lowest to highest and although they had several difficulties at the beginning, they were able to settle into the field of play and went to rest with an advantage on the scoreboard.

At 19 minutes the clearest of the game came with a free kick into the area that found free Angel Mena. The number 15 headed free, worse the ball met the goalkeeper Carlos Lampe, who well placed avoided the fall of his bow.

Bolivia he later answered with a mid-range shot from Roberto Fernández that went wide. But the joy came at 36 minutes when flowers overflowed to the left and threw a center back to Maple that he defined without resistance to celebrate the 1 to 0.

At the start of the second half, before the minute, Ecuador reached the tie. A good collective play on the left exposed the local misintelligence to defend and after a pass from Moises caicedo, Beder Caicedo He stayed hand in hand and scored 1 to 1.

At 10 minutes the 2 to 1 arrived, when Ore He was encouraged to face the right towards the middle in the area, he took a mark off without too much difficulty and shook with a low shot at the near post that he could not contain Lampe.

The joy did not last long for the team of Gustavo Alfaro because at 15 minutes, in a corner kick in favor of Bolivia, Marcelo Moreno Martins placeholder image He headed in solitude at the penalty spot and scored the 2-2.

The coach of Ecuador, Gustavo Alfaro (EFE) The coach of Ecuador, Gustavo Alfaro .

After a tough start, those led by César Farías (they fell 5-0 to Brazil as a visitor and 2-1 at home versus Argentina -the only two teams with an ideal score-), seek to become strong at home to dream of qualifying . “This party will be essential to take the first step in the rise of Bolivia. We cannot lose at home, we have to win, ”warned right-back Diego Bejarano.

The locals, who have not qualified for a World Cup since the United States 1994 (they were eliminated when they were last in their group), will change a good part of their team, using Bolívar and The Strongest footballers as a base. On offense will be the experienced Marcelo Martins and the youthful Victor Abrego.

On the other hand, in the last hours the casualties of midfielder Alejandro Chumacero and full-back Diego Bejarano were confirmed. Óscar Rivera and Roberto Fernández will be his replacements.

El Tri, who knows what altitude is (he is local in Quito, at 2,850 meters) and seeks to return to a World Cup after his participation in Brazil 2014 (he was eliminated in the group stage), began his path with a defeat against Argentina at La Bombonera, but then recovered with a 4-2 win over Uruguay. It is worth noting that Ecuador has not lost to Bolivia for 11 games.

On Tuesday, November 17, at 6:00 p.m., Ecuador will host Colombia, on Date 4 of the Qualifiers. Bolivia, for its part, will clash on the same day, but at 20, against Paraguay in Asunción.


Bolívia: Carlos Lampe; Oscar Rivera, Adrián Jusino, Gabriel Valverde and Jorge Flores; Leonel Justiniano and Erwin Saavedra; Juan Carlos Arce and Roberto Fernández; Marcelo Martins and Víctor Abregó. DT: Cesar Farías.

Ecuador: Alexander Domínguez; Angelo Preciado, Moisés Corozo, Roberto Arboleda, Beder Caicedo; Carlos Grueso, Moisés Caicedo, Alan Franco; Angel Mena, Enner Valencia and Michael Estrada. DT: Gustavo Alfaro.

Stadium: Hernando Siles

Referee: Wilton Sampaio (Brazil)

Time: 17.00

Television: TyC Sports


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