The communicator and deputy Bolívar Valera « El Boli » declared assets before the Chamber of Accounts of the Republic for about 20 million pesos.

The producer and congressman declared to have two apartments, one for 2.9 million pesos and another valued at 160 thousand dollars.

Also reported two vehicles: a Jeepeta worth about $ 79,000 and a car worth $ 13,000.

In furniture and appliances, Valera owns about 2.7 million pesos. While in two bank accounts he has about 45 thousand pesos.

He capital invested in companies it is 150 thousand pesos.

Among the liabilities of the deputy a debt of a personal loan of 160 thousand dollars, of which there remains 100 thousand dollars to pay, that is, about 5.8 million pesos.

To this are added the expenses for food, health, house maintenance, insurance payments, vacations and other expenses with an approximate value of 254 thousand pesos.

This without counting about 9 million for insurance policies.

Valera’s salary in Congress is 175,000 pesos, plus the 167,000 for representation and dietary expenses, which he previously said he is going to donate to foundations.

According to the sworn statement of assets, deposited in the Chamber of Accounts and to which Listín Diario has obtained access, YouTube “El Boli” receives annually about 7.4 million pesos and from his Dominican Dream company about 30 thousand pesos per month .

Valera rose to popularity by appearing on the program « Más Roberto » with the section « Los Consejo del Boli » and later became a co-host of the space. He is also a producer and host of the radio program “El Mañanero”.

Valera has stood out in the first weeks of his administration due to its proximity to District 2 of the Santo Domingo province, accompanying its municipalities in the face of atmospheric phenomena and conflict resolution.