‘Bolillo’ Gómez exploded in Colombia: “These ‘little eggs’ made a rumba and the coronavirus almost killed us”

The Antioquia coach Hernán Darío Gómez He explained at a press conference, without any filter, the reason for the collective downturn that the DIM has had in the BetPlay Dimayor League. Many on campus were infected with COVID-19 and he had a hard time for several days.

The situation of Deportivo Independiente Medellín is extremely complex to classify. They are ninth with 26 points and to access the home runs they have to beat Once Caldas in Manizales and ensure that América de Cali does not beat Deportes Tolima at the Pascual Guerrero stadium.

And why did the Mighty One of the Mountain come to this situation?

“It is not a lack of roe, it is not a lack of desire, it is not a lack of work. They got sick, and what a shame to say, there are other teams that got sick and have gone downhill. And we in this championship were the first team to get sick, and everyone knows that it was because of a rumba of these ‘little eggs’ who made a rumba over there and took us and made us sick, it almost killed us all “he said bluntly.

‘Bolillo’ is still convalescing

‘Bolillo’ is one of those affected and is convalescing due to contracting the virus in recent weeks. “Oscar Pérez just got sick, I’m still convalescing. And we are coming here for the shirt, for Medellín, the institution and for professionals ”, he stressed.

Then he left for reflection how difficult it is to play and concentrate on football, when you are infected with COVID-19.

“Say you have to put roe, ‘yes put it’, be sick for ten days, come, train and play. Let’s see, I do have it, it’s clear and I’m not going to let either managers or anyone point out that this team left like this because they got really sick ”, he closed.

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