Bold video of Noelia in full and see-through lace!


Bold video of Noelia with full and transparent lace! (Instagram)

Bold video of Noelia in full and see-through lace! | Instagram

Bold video of Noelia in full and see-through lace!

Bold video of Noelia in full and see-through lace!

The pretty singer Noelia shared a rather daring video with which undoubtedly left more than one of his followers with a racing heart and is that the interpreter of “Clávame tu amor” wore a jumpsuit (full suit) in total transparencyThe interesting thing is that she had some interesting decorations on some parts of her figure that were covered with lace.

Of Puerto Rican origin, the businesswoman also carries the flavor of the Caribbean as she comes from one of the islands that has brought us great celebrities of music and cinema, among them we find Chayanne, Ricky Martin, Daddy Yankee, Ozuna, Bad Bunny among others, Apparently this small island concentrates great talent which we have been enjoying for years.

For its part, how can you appreciate Noelia She stands out among these names of the renowned singers, she being one of the few women who have managed to excel in show business, with great effort and initiative, because make it known that the interpreter of the classic “You” is not supported by any television station as much as in the case of other personalities in the medium, so that on several occasions their merits are not as well known as they should be.

What the beautiful blonde has decided to do and which apparently has been working quite well for her is to promote and share her own news on her official Instagram account, where her followers share it in turn and celebrate each and every one with her. one of his achievements.

However, something that has attracted the attention of Internet users the most is the ease she has in causing more than sighs among her fans, this thanks to the fact that she has a more than exquisite and captivating figure to look at, this herself He increases it by sharing tremendous videos that make the heart race as soon as they watch it, as he did with the one he shared two days ago, without a doubt Noelia knows very well how to pamper those who see his publications.


In the video we can see her with a complete suit but in total transparency, so that every part of her body can be seen despite the fact that this garment is “dark”, however, do not get so excited because in the noble parts of the singer We found some details with black lace that cover them, otherwise the video would have to be removed by Instagram censorship.

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For a few weeks Noelia has been promoting her page on OnlyFans continuously, imagine if the content she has on Instagram is considered daring, imagine a place where there is no censorship, it could be paradise for millions, especially to see content on where Noelia is the protagonist.

It is very likely that this piece can be found on your “Noelicious” page in case you want to purchase it or also other designs that are quite flirty, another interesting detail that will surely fascinate you is that there are several sizes and also plus size so His designs are not exclusive to a certain type of woman, it is something really moving that he has taken into account women with a few extra pounds.

Although Noelia is not as recognized worldwide as the aforementioned stars, she is one of the personalities that has had the most achievements, companies and recognitions throughout her 20 year career.

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