Boeing recommends suspending model 777 flights after plane lost engine parts

A Boeing 777-200 operated by United Airlines returned to Denver International Airport and landed safely after experiencing a failure in its right engine.

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Washington.- The company Boeing has recommended to suspend the operations of the 69 aircraft of the model 777 that are in service and of the 59 in storage, all of them with motors of the « Pratt & Whitney » type, after the incident occurred on Saturday with one of them in flight.

« Boeing is actively inspecting the incident related to flight 328 of United Airlines. Although the investigation (by the authorities) is ongoing, we recommend suspending the operations of the 69 777 aircraft in service and the 59 in storage with motors ‘Pratt & Whitney 4000-112’, until the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA Please identify the appropriate inspection protocol. « 

« Boeing supports the decision made this Sunday by the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau and the initiative of this Monday of the FAA to suspend operations of 777 aircraft powered by motors Pratt & Whitney 4000-112 « , assures the aeronautical company.

The decision came after the incident recorded last Saturday by one of these company planes United Airlines that departed from the American city of Denver, in Colorado, bound for Honolulu, in Hawaii.

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The ship had to return from emergency after suffering problems with an engine, whose parts fell on a suburb of the capital of the state of Colorado, informed the authorities.

The plane, a Boeing 777-200 returned to Denver International Airport and it landed « safely, after experiencing a failure in its right engine shortly after takeoff, » the AFA said in a statement.

« We are voluntarily and temporarily eliminating 24 aircraft Boeing 777 powered by motors from the Pratt & Whitney 4000 series of our program, « the American Airlines company said on its Twitter account.

The company says it will continue « to work closely with regulators to determine any additional steps and we expect that only a small number of customers will experience problems. »

« Safety remains our top priority, which is why our teams participate in extensive training to prepare and manage incidents such as (the Denver flight) UA328, » concludes the airline.

According to local US media, based on the most recent aircraft registration data, the only airlines that operate with the motors affected are in U.S, Japan Y South Korea.

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Plane returns to US airport after losing engine parts in flight