Boeing 737 plane makes emergency landing off Hawaii

American media reported failures in a Boeing 737-200 aircraft that I was flying off the coast of Honolulu, It is known that the aircraft had to make a landing of Hawaii emergency before the failures.

The media cites a report from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) where they talk about accident that fortunately there would have been no fatalities.

The report speaks of an engine failure so the aircraft had to make an emergency landing on the beaches of Honolulu.

Two crew members fThey were rescued from the place.

So far the authorities are trying to determine the exact causes of failure and carry out the pertinent investigations.

This news adds to the great scandal that the Boeing company presented several months ago when it was revealed that the 737 MAX aircraft had major failures that put the lives of passengers at risk.

A spokesman for the Coast Guard, Petty Officer Matthew West, told CNN that a Coast Guard helicopter rescued one of the crew, while “a firefighter helicopter rescued the other.”

A patrol of the Coast Guard too was deployed in the area.


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