Bobby Lashley made no secret that the main reason for his return to WWE in 2018 was to face Brock Lesnar. While it seemed that WWE could have gone in that direction, things did not turn out as expected.

“I’m fighting until I can’t fight anymore. I just had a conversation with the guy from the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. We talked about going out and fighting freehand. I still have an agreement with Bellator. I always thought I would find my way back to WWE. When I signed my contract with Bellator, I had an exit clause for WWE. He said that if only WWE offered me a contract, they would release me from the Bellator contract. [El presidente de Bellator MMA] Scott Coker is an amazing guy. The fact that he gave me that contract was just amazing. But since he gave it to me, I still have fights with Bellator and I can fight them, which is a really good thing. “

Bobby Lashley is still looking forward to Brock Lesnar’s match, joking that it will happen when they are both 60 years old:

“Hopefully, the stars align for both of us. Maybe it will happen when we are 60 years old. I’ll tell you that every day I post a photo of anything on social media, people will say they love me and Brock. We have to give it to him.

Will we ever get to witness Bobby Lashley vs Brock Lesnar?

As long as Bobby Lashley can keep up the momentum he has with The Hurt Business, it should be realistic to see him take on Brock Lesnar at some point. Given that Brock Lesnar doesn’t look like he’s coming back in 2020, a realistic goal would be 2021.

With that said, WWE owes Bobby Lashley the Brock Lesnar match. He’s had to go through several bad booking phases just to get there and it takes MVP to help revive his momentum.

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