BMW’s lack of interest in the new DTM creates great uncertainty

BMW Motorsport has been reluctant from the first moment to the new GT3 concept of the DTM, among other things because its BMW M6 GT3 is in the final part of its competitive life and the brand does not want to invest a single euro in the car with the new BMW M4 GT3 on the way. But nevertheless, this position is generating great mistrust among possible ‘client teams’ Of the brand. This has been explained by Hans-Peter Naundorf, director of ROWE Racing. In this regard, it should be remembered that ROWE was a BMW customer in GT3 until the end of 2018 and then went on to compete with Porsche.

The big problem for private teams is that there is no serious commitment from BMW. of supporting the teams through its ‘careers-client’ program. Given this way of proceeding of the Bavarian firm, it makes no sense for teams to buy a BMW M6 GT3 or use a unit already owned to compete in the DTM. However, Naundorf notes that it would be a risk to participate in such a demanding competition like the DTM with a BMW GT3 without having the guarantee of having some support from the brand in terms of technical assistance or spare parts.

BMW may not be present in the first races of the DTM 2021BMW may not be present in the first races of the DTM 2021Read news

In this line, Hans-Peter Naundorf explains that the DTM represents a great marketing opportunity, at low cost. And for this reason he does not understand that BMW does not offer a support program to its customers like other big brands: «I can’t understand how a German manufacturer like BMW doesn’t want to be in the DTM. If someone does not see this opportunity to do a lot with little money, I do not understand it. This would mean that competition is no longer even a question of marketing. We are open to being in the DTM with a BMW M6 GT3, we would like to do it, but we have to see what sense and what interest it has».