BMW may not be present in the first races of the DTM 2021

The DTM has decided to follow the path of the GT3 and bet on the ‘GT Pro’ regulation. Beyond the adoption of this new concept of vehicles, the series managed by ITR has said goodbye to its collaboration with Audi and BMW to use a model based on private teams. All in all, the contest directed by Gerhard Berger expected to have a large volume of GT3 from both brands. A circumstance that could well be fulfilled with the Audi R8 LMS GT3, but that it probably won’t happen with BMW car in the early part of the 2021 season.

Jens marquardt, Director of BMW Motorsport until the end of this season, has been very clear when analyzing the situation of BMW around the DTM. With the BMW M4 GT3 in full development phase, the participation of the Bavarian firm in the 2021 DTM season will be limited, at least in its initial phase, the effort that private teams can carry out who already have a BMW M6 GT3 at their disposal. A circumstance that together with the arrival of the new vehicle for the 2022 season make the probability of seeing BMW cars racing full time in 2021 is low.

The DTM announces its 2021 calendar, the first of its new GT3 stageThe DTM announces its 2021 calendar, the first of its new GT3 stageRead news

About, Jens marquardt He assured: “If a team that has a BMW M6 decides to race in the DTM, we will do everything possible to support it. However, you need teams that are interested and willing to race. Our effort is in the development of the new car And we are not going to put effort into the maintenance and redevelopment of a car that is on the way to retirement. It is a car that is at the end of its life cycle, it is developed with a focus of resistance. We are not in a good position for 2021, but surely by 2022 there will be many teams competing with the BMW M4 GT3».