Bmw ix3 2022 x3 2022 leaked in china

In July of last year, BMW launched its iX3, the electric version of the X3, and almost a year later it will present the first update that will also be in conjunction with the version with combustion engine. And although we should not know them until June, some images leaked in China give us a first advance.

BMW iX3 2022 leaked

The images that you see here of the BMW iX3 2022 (the red one) and BMW X3 2022 (the white one) appeared on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology from China after they have been homologated for that country. Both carry the M body package and some key differences to distinguish them from each other.

2022 BMW X3 Leaked 01

2022 BMW X3 leaked

As we see in the front, the defense is the same while the differences are focused on the headlights, dark finish on the 2022 BMW X3, and on the ‘kidneys’, which although it has the same outline in both joining in the center, in the BMW iX3 2022 it is covered except in its lowest part and the edge finish is chrome unlike glossy black in the other.

On the other hand, the differences are mainly in the design of the wheels, of which of course there will be different options for each one, and back we find them in the defense section, where the central part changes as well as the exhausts that are present in the X3 and absent in the iX3.

For the moment There are no images that advance us the interior of the BMW iX3 2022 and BMW X3 2022, nor information on possible updates to the engines, but less than a month after its official presentation there is not much we have to wait for. And who removes, at any time something else can be filtered.

2022 BMW X3 leaked 02

2022 BMW X3 leaked

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