They consider that this is not the time to make it effective for economic reasons

The rest of the fields in which both entities collaborate remain unchanged

BMW and Mercedes-Benz have announced the cessation of their collaboration for the development of autonomous driving technology. Both manufacturers will continue their path independently from now on, something that does not affect other signed agreements.

The collaboration they had for about a year BMW and Mercedes Benz for the development of autonomous driving technology remains on hold. Each one will now follow their own path, although in any case they have ensured that they do not rule out retaking the union when considering that their vision on this subject is very similar.

The two German manufacturers believe that this is not the right time to make this cooperation agreement effective, mainly due to the economic cost involved. “Our experience complements that of BMW, as our successful collaborations have shown. Along with decarbonisation, digitization is an important strategic pillar for Mercedes Benz. To prepare for the future challenges of a rapidly changing environment, we are also currently exploring other possibilities with partners outside the sector, “said Mercedes-Benz COO Markus Schäfer, in a statement picked up by Europa Press.

From BMW it has been Klaus Frölich, the development manager, who has valued this separation. To this end, it has praised the capacity of its brand, which belongs to a group that is in an “excellent position to offer its customers what they need for many years”.

The separation of BMW and Mercedes-Benz As far as autonomous driving is concerned, it does not affect other different agreements. In this way, initiatives such as the five joint ventures created in the service of mobility will continue.

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