Bluepoint stokes speculation about new door for Demon’s Souls remake

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The remake of Demon’s Souls is already on sale and has strongly captured the attention of its players because there is a mysterious door in the title that was not in the original delivery and, what is more rare, it cannot be opened. Bluepoint Games is aware of all the theories surrounding this mystery and recently gave speculation more force.

As we told you days ago, players found a sealed door in world 1-3 of the Demon’s Souls remake that was not found in the PlayStation 3 title and that apparently houses an important object. To add one more layer of mystery to the situation, Bluepoint Games shared a message on Twitter that seems to confirm that there is something important behind that secret door.

The publication includes an image of the place that appears to be behind the door and accompanied it with the message “I wish you were here” in the style of a vacation souvenir postcard, apart from tagging several recognized users who have followed close to the development of the mystery that the mysterious door keeps, among which is VaatiVidya, recognized for creating content from the lore of Soulsborne titles. What is even more striking is that the message “a symphony of rumors …” is read.

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The door could hold a secret from the new Bluepoint Games project

You may think that the developer is just having fun with the fans in this mystery that is causing a lot of speculation, but there is something that is important in the message, since it is the same one that she shared many months before the remake was made official.

Bluepoint Games likes to play around with rumors and cryptic clues. On Halloween last year, the developer shared 2 prose compositions that sparked speculation, as they made reference to several titles whose remakes she could be working on. “A symphony of rumors – not 1, but 2 – return from the shadows” was precisely the original version of the phrase, hinting that it would be 2 games that would return as a remake or remastering.

One, Demon’s Souls, later became reality, but, according to this cryptic message, another would still be missing, about which nothing is known, but with the messages fans believe it could be Metal Gear Solid, Siphon Filter, or Bloodborne . Of the latter in particular it is believed that there will be a remaster and that Bluepoint Games is in charge of the project. You can check the 2 compositions if you visit this page and this one.

Players keep trying to open the door

We remind you that in the remake of The Shadow of the Colossus, Bluepoint Games also added something that was not in the original game, the Enlightments, which unlocked a secret in the game. However, this mystery was easy to decipher, since it was only required to find the 79 units.

In contrast, in the Demon’s Souls remake there are no clues on how to open the secret door. Players have certainly tried everything, gesturing in front of the door, wearing specific armor and more, but nothing has worked.

Because fans so far have not found anything that can open this door, they have begun to think that it could open with a future update the game. Even, as Destructoid points out, the Reddit Demon’s Souls community on the Discord server offers a cash prize to the player who manages to open the mysterious door.

What do you think of this move by Bluepoint Games? Do you think the door holds a secret related to the study or just the game? Tell us in the comments.

The Demon’s Souls remake is available exclusively for PlayStation 5. You can find more news related to it by visiting its file.

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