Blue swimsuit, Celia Lora wears charms from the Riviera Maya

Blue swimsuit, Celia Lora wears charms from the Riviera Maya | INSTAGRAM

If something has become very clear to us, it is that the beautiful mexican model Celia Lora really enjoys your life and her work, this time she reaffirmed it with a Photography in which one of his swimsuits more beautiful one blue color that perfectly adorns your charms.

It is a photograph that was taken when visiting the Riviera maya on his last vacation, in which he had the opportunity to try different services such as five-star hotels and promenades by yacht so of course I cannot pass up the opportunity to apply your gifts of influencer and promote the companies that provide these services.

In the photograph we can see how Celia lora he is with one of his friends with whom he spent an incredible day on the yacht so he tagged the company to thank him and at the same time edit his fans with his cute figure in this exceptional swimsuit.

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There is no doubt that daughter of Alex Lora he knows perfectly how to show off in front of the camera and, more importantly, how to attract the attention of Internet users who come to his official profile to like and comment on how much they like his entertainment pieces.

That’s right, the young woman will not stop doing her job as well as possible and has shown that she loves what you do, so she does not miss a single day to share a story or promotion on her official profile where all the magic happens.


If you look a little at their stories you will realize that the promotion of the programs in which they participate does not end and at the moment they are promoting their participation in a very interesting program, “El Inframundo”, in which they undergo various gruesome challenges and tests.

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The program leaves on Mondays at 8 pm on Channel 5 and Celia Lora is very interested in you seeing it, since she participates and with this you could spend an excellent time enjoying her personality under situations that we can rarely see.

It is so interesting how Celia has managed to be the center of attention on the Internet and television, despite all those people that we like about her, she has managed to stay and grow, becoming an excellent host, youtuber, influencer, model and all that she does every day today that fascinates him so much.