Super Smash Bros. Ultimate It is the largest crossover fighting game in the entire history of video games, since it has a huge number of characters from all over, whether as fighters, as support characters or as empowering spirits. And speaking of spirits, events are held periodically in which the spirits of similar characteristics or of a specific game are the protagonists, and now it has been announced which of these beings will star in the next event to take place. We tell you each and every one of the details in the following lines!

Blue spirits to star in upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate event

As usual, the social network Twitter has been the chosen medium to unveil the theme of the next event of the spirit board of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. In this way, the official Japanese account dedicated to this title has revealed that the protagonists of the following event will be all those who have something blue in their body and that said event will be held from next July 31, 2020. In addition, like the previous one, it will be available for 3 days. Thus, it does not hurt to remember that, if we defeat these serse, we will be able to obtain a greater number of rewards than if we did it when the event is not celebrated (like more gold). However, unlike in previous events, this time no new spirits will be added, but those that will appear will be those that are already included in the game at the moment.

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As we can see, it is more than clear that the managers of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are waiting for the players to remain glued to the screens for a few good hours while they demonstrate who is the strongest of all. And you, have you managed to get all the spirits that are available so far?