The Mexican legend, Blue Panther comments on the bouts with stipulations in the world of wrestling.

Blue Panther: “Wrestling Takes You Bills” | Wrestling planet

It is well known that one of the most physically demanding sports is wrestling, in order to perform professionally, athletes have to have great athletic ability, however, mistakes do not take long. The great difference between this and other sports are precisely these moments within the execution, since they have physical consequences on the fighters and any blow made in the wrong place, can be even fatal.

BRAND Claró has recently interviewed to the Mexican legend and has commented on the struggles with extreme stipulations, such as the ‘Ojo por Ojo’ of Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins in WWE, declaring that he does not know in detail what happened, but ensures that this sport, sooner or later takes its toll on you.

We leave you with the statements of the Mexican legend, Blue Panther:

«I don’t know about that fight, I don’t see an American fight, but as you tell me, they may be navigating between two situations, there are commercials of not practicing it at home and other things happen in the American fight, I don’t know more, but only injuries to a wrestler will take its toll, I wouldn’t know how to talk about it any more, in the United States I don’t know what stipulations they have, here this sport takes its toll on you ».

Many times the professionalism of athletes prevents them from showing or gesturing any pain in the middle of combat, but that does not rule out that injuries, odors, fractures, etc., are a reality and above all, a long-term problem. We know stories where these types of events have left multiple fighters in retirement or, in the worst case, with great consequences.

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