The Big leagues They postponed the series scheduled for the weekend, between Toronto and Philadelphia, in the face of fears about the coronavirus, after two employees of the Phillies tested positive.

“Major League Baseball will coordinate with health experts and the Players Association in planning how the Phillies will resume activity, and will announce further updates to the schedule if necessary,” the office said in a statement. statement released Thursday.

Charlie Montoyo, manager of the Blue Jays, had revealed on the day the cancellation of the series, asserting that his club would not travel to Philadelphia, where the matches should take place.

“Our plan right now is to stay still here and that MLB solve what you have to solve, ”Montoyo said prior to the team’s last four games in Washington. “We are not going to Philly. Those games have been postponed. ”

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This is the latest calendar adjustment in the major league’s bid to make a 60-game season in the midst of a pandemic that continues to spread in various areas of the United States.

Early Thursday, it emerged that another player for the Miami Marlins – who recently played in Philadelphia – tested positive for the coronavirus, bringing the total number of cases from the outbreak to the team to 17 players, a person reported. with knowledge of the situation.

The Phillies, meanwhile, reported that there have been no positive results from their players after tests conducted on Wednesday. But two team employees did test positive.

One of the employees is part of the group of coaches and the other works in the dressing rooms of the stadium. All activity on Thursday at Citizens Bank Park was canceled until second notice.

The Blue Jays are away from home because the Canadian government did not authorize them to use their stadium this season because of the risks of constant travel from the United States. Eventually, the Blue Jays will find their home at a minor league stadium in Buffalo, but it’s not ready yet. Thus, the Montoyo team played its “opening game at home” in Washington on Wednesday.

The Blue Jays were to follow with a three-game series in the Phillies’ manor on Friday. MLB initially rescheduled Friday’s matchup as part of a doubleheader on Saturday, to close the series on Sunday. Now, all three games have been canceled, and Toronto is in limbo.

“We’re going to talk to the Nationals, to see if they let us train here,” said Montoyo. “If they say yes, we stay and train until MLB tells us where to go.”

Blue Jays reliever Jordan Romano denied that the long hiatus was a problem.

“I consider it a lesser challenge,” he said. “I think we can still practice. Hopefully. Pitchers will practice in the bullpen. I think we will be ready to go even after this four game break, if that is what is going to be done. ”

The Marlins are quarantined in Philadelphia, where the outbreak was discovered during a series over the weekend against the Phillies. Two other staff members tested positive.

The person spoke to The Associated Press on Thursday about the Marlins on condition that they not be identified because the results have not been released.
MLB ordered the suspension of the Miami season until Sunday, and everything indicates that the schedule for the following week will also be modified.

The Marlins were supposed to host Philadelphia on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, but Phillies general manager Matt Klentak and Yankees manager Aaron Boone said Wednesday that MLB is arranging for Philadelphia to play New York, raising uncertainty about when Miami will retake the exercise.

David Stearns, general manager of the Milwaukee Brewers, considered it crucial that the majors understand what is happening in Miami.

“The volume of positive cases that we have seen in a team is alarming now,” he stressed. “And I think everyone thinks that. We have a very robust set of protocols in place with the explicit reason to prevent something like this from happening. ”