Blue beauty, Elsa Jean looks gorgeous in a swimsuit!

Blue beauty, Elsa Jean looks gorgeous in a swimsuit! | Instagram

It’s been a long time since the actress for Elsa Jean enjoyed bathing in the Turk and Caicos territory in the Bahamas while wearing a Swimwear yellow.

While he was in some kind of kayak Elsa jean she wore her pretty figure despite the fact that the sun did not allow her to be seen perfectly, without a doubt she managed to provoke several sighs.

A well-known celebrity in the adult entertainment industry, the 24-year-old turns heads wherever she is.

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In this post she shared on January 26, she was wearing a yellow strapless swimsuit and at the bottom we saw her dressed in a white piece and patterned sunflower flowers.


Have you ever wanted to spend all day in the water? “Elsa Dream Jean wrote.

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Another of the nicknames like the one mentioned above for the actress is also MollyAlthough her real name is actually Sapphire Nicole Howell, her slowness is due to the movie Frozen.

In addition to wearing her swimsuit, the model had on a short hat and glasses, by the way the kayak where she was going was yellow, inadvertently it combined perfectly with her beach outfit.