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Of all the eccentricities that had to cross his mind the night before, Daniil Medvedev He ended up betting on his love of video games and choosing the figure of the salmon. You know: ‘L2 + left’. That was the last blow of the Russian in the final of the US Open, a blow directly to the ground to celebrate that he was finally champion of Grand slam. You will like it more or less but, looking a bit into the origins of this animal, there are a few coincidences that are worth commenting on.

Salmon, a freshwater fish that lives throughout the world’s oceans. The connection is strong already from the first line of Wikipedia, taking into account that the profession of Medvedev it also has to do with long travels and tournaments on various continents. Salmons are known to have the ability to return to the same place where they were born, which helps them reproduce. Where was Daniil’s wake first ‘born’? In New York in 2019, in that failed comeback attempt against Nadal. The same place he returned to two years later to spawn his first title of Grand slam. But the most curious thing about salmon is its ability to swim against the current, to withstand any tide, a simile that comes to our finger to synthesize the brand new king of Flushing Meadows.

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Much was said about precociousness and the reverse of Zverev, of the style and plasticity of Tsitsipas, of the evolution and potential of Rublev, or right and kick Berrettini. Four great players who will be up for a long time, without a doubt. However, the one who has ended up taking the cat to the water has been the salmon Medvedev, the chosen one. He is the one who will go down in history for achieving what those mentioned above could not: be the first of the #NextGen to beat a member of the Big3 in a final of Grand slam. Whatever happens in the future, it will be the one from Moscow who paved the way, the one who possibly helps his generation companions to believe that yes, that it is possible, that Djokovic and Nadal They are not invincible in a fifth round.

And how did he do it? Here comes the funniest, the sharpest comparison. It is said of the salmon, an expert in swimming against the current, that it is not very well known how it does it, no one explains how it orients itself, although it has been shown that its sense of smell is tremendously developed. Case as strange as that of Medvedev, who walks without energy on the track, has a technique that an amateur would sign you and always offers a carefree, hesitant speech, as if nothing were with him. It is not as sour as Kyrgios; the difference is that Daniil he does train to win games. With all these rarities –which we like more and more–, the Russian has become someone super special in the dressing room, as well as a great competitor.

Special is his tennis and it is his personality. Read their interviews, listen to their press conferences, see their responses every time they put a microphone in front of you. Daniil it is made of another paste. He is a modern player, with the shots necessary to be the leader in this revolution, with a presence in social networks and closeness to his fans, but always surrounded by a rogue essence that hooks you, that catches you, that leaves you wanting more. According to the Russian, he never had idols as a child, he always wanted to be extraordinary in his way, without the intention of copying anyone. That is why he stands in the quarterfinals of Roland Garros after saying he hates clay, either messes with Tsitsipas publicly without fear of what the press will say, or becomes popular for not celebrating any of the titles he wins. Well I lie, the US Open it did deserve an extra dose of fantasy.

Djokovic and Medvedev.

Image source: Eurosport

“Being in WimbledonEven though the grass is not my best surface because I don’t feel so comfortable, I started to gain a lot of confidence in my game. It was so much that one night I couldn’t sleep with excitement and I spent ten minutes wondering what would happen if I won the tournament. Not celebrating it would be too boring, since that’s what I always do, so I needed to do something special. As you know, I love playing FIFA on the Play Station, where there is a celebration called the ‘dead fish’. I spoke with my friends and discussed the idea of ​​doing it, something that seemed legendary to them. It’s not that I want to be in the newspapers, or that people talk about it, I don’t care about those issues. I just wanted to do something special, have a wink with my friends. And you know what? I even hurt myself a little, it’s not easy to throw yourself on concrete like that, but I’m happy I did it ”.

Authentic, no more. We do not know how far he will fill his showcases, what is clear is that this boy’s charisma falls wherever he goes. At the moment the most important objective has been achieved, to go down in history by winning where he won, how he won and who won. Now comes the second part of the joke, to see how such a large episode of repercussion and noise around him affects his performance. Do you remember Thiem? There you have a good example to learn from. With a very personal style, that bland attitude, and his chirigotey nature, this salmon already knows what it’s like to be on top. He arrived late to this sea, but learned to swim faster than the rest.

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