The World’s Last Blockbuster Video Store In Oregon Is Listed On Airbnb For Slumber Party Series And Movie Marathon Themed 1990s

| 08/11/2020 | ionicons-v5-c18: 22 | Luz Camacho |

With nostalgia we remember the Saturday nights of the 90’s when many of us went to Blockbuster for an endowment of rental movies to spend an afternoon in a sleepover with popcorn and nachos in hand.

All that ended when the digital revolution caught up with us and with a single click it was possible to replace an entire tradition that undoubtedly left us many satisfactions.

Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy in the United States in 2010 and all stores disappeared except one …

The only Blockbuster of the world is in Oregon

Blockbuster has been operating in Bend, Oregon For a long time, the local community has shown great support for manager Sandy Harding to survive her iconic and now only video store in the world, especially in times of COVID-19 where they have been forced to renovate in a very unique way .

Blockbuster and Airbnb

As a token of appreciation, Harding has decided to give his customers great ’90s satisfaction.

The property and all its style will arrive on the website of Airbnb next August 17 at 4 p.m. West weather. What a surprise!

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What will the reservation be like?

A total of three one-night reservations will be available on September 18, 19 and 20, each for up to four people.

The stay will be similar to a trip back to the 90s, when Friday nights were governed by the rentals of Blockbuster in all the country.

Those who can secure the few reservations will get the keys to the entire store and enjoy an unlimited movie marathon. The best part? The stay will only cost $ 4.

But … Yes, there is a but.

This beauty can only be reserved by residents of Deschutes County, the area the store calls home.

So if you are from that area and looking for a night of nostalgia, you will have the opportunity to receive the keys to the store for one night from September 18 to 20.

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