Blizzard Introduces New Cinematics – World of Warcraft Shadowlands Launch Trailer!

This month comes the new expansion of the legendary MMORPG, and with it the Shadowlands.

If there is something in which Blizzard never disappoints, that’s his kinematics: the studio knows how to capture all the epicity of its fantasy and science fiction worlds. Now, it’s the turn of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, an expansion that will arrive on November 24 to the legendary MMORPG. Accompanying this news: its corresponding launch cinematic.

For the more clueless, this time we will have to deal with Sylvanas’s decisions again – for a change – and delve into the Shadowlands, which give the game its name. Broadly speaking, it is the beyond from the Warcraft universe; and as such, it shelters the souls of the dead. These are distributed by five kingdoms different: Bastion, Ardenweald, Maldraxxus, Revendreth and (this one is a bit different) The Maw, each with their own themes and background. At 3DJuegos, we had the opportunity to learn a lot about Ardenweald, without going any further.

The character at the end is the Jailer, new villain The point is that the balance between these regions is upset, so the heroes of Azeroth will have to bring order to the discord. As expected, with this new content the game expands for both veterans and newcomers: there is a new experience for newbies, and a new level model with a lower cap (60) that we can reach by playing to content from any previous expansion.

Once the line between realities is blurred, players can join a curia to enjoy your own characters, missions and rewards. The ultimate challenge is Torghast Tower, a rogue-like procedural dungeon to which we will no doubt return regularly. And in case you were wondering, the character that appears chained at the end of the video is none other than the Prison guard, new main villain and responsible for the evils that loom imminently.

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