Blizzard Celebrates 30 Years of Gaming with an Animated Short at BlizzCon 2021

The company reviews its great releases in a nice video.

If you are fans of Blizzard, this weekend you are in luck because the BlizzConline 2021, the official name for BlizzCon 2021, an online event this year. In 3D Games We are telling you all the news, which are being many, so you do not miss a detail. Now, we bring you a video that Blizzard shared on the first day and that you can’t get lost.

This year’s BlizzCon is special because Blizzard just turned 30 and the company wanted remember video games that have been coming out in this period of time with a short animation. The video, which you can see in this news, reviews the company’s launches with a style of very characteristic cartoonas it belongs to CarBot.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

This animation studio does, in fact, various jobs for the company, as you can see on its YouTube channel. In the video celebrating 30 years of Blizzard we experience a company trip, with games ranging from Rock ‘n’ Roll Racing or The Lost Vikings (which by the way return in the just announced Blizzard Arcade Collection for PC and consoles), to most recent.

It is certainly a video very funny and friendly that appeals to nostalgia and reminds us once again of the great work of one of the most influential video game developers in recent years. BlizzCon is leaving us great news, like a new look at Overwatch 2, or the new class of Diablo IV, the rogue, announcement that has been accompanied by a new trailer.

Diablo 2 is back

For many fans, the announcement larger the first day of BlizzCon 2021 was Diablo 2 Resurrected. Blizzard has confirmed that the most successful installment of the franchise will have its remastering, which will reach consoles and PC. In fact, the game will allow alternate between the classic graphics or new ones. Of course, it will also keep cooperative and competitive multiplayer.

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