Blizzard announces Chains of Domination, a massive content update for WoW: Shadowlands

By Rodolfo León 0 COMMENTS 02/19/2021 4:23 pm

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At the moment the BlizzCon 2021, and as part of its disclosures has been presented Chains of Domination, a massive content update to World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Here we tell you what you can expect from this update.

This is the official description of this content:

“In Chains of Domination, the first major content update for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, players will be able to engage in new levels of Jailer’s reign, seeking to understand the true nature of his evil plans.

Backed by the power of four Covenants, the champions of the Horde and the Alliance will bring the fight of Shadowlands to the realms of the Jailer.

But the Banished One has a terrible new champion at its disposal — a cruel instrument of despair created by Sylvanas Windrunner, capable of wreaking desolation in the hearts of the heroes of Azeorth like no other creature in the Shadowlands. “

Source: Blizzard

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