Surely these days of quarantine have brought out your most creative side. Well-channeled boredom can be a luxury tool when it comes to seeing how to pass the time. But if you don’t know what to do by now, don’t worry. Blink-182 came to give you a new task. The pop punk band just released a cry for help to all their fans to put together the new music video for “Happy Days”.

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Blink-182 issued the call through all of its social media channels, linking to a Google form that provides more details about the project. “Are you trapped at home?” it is read on the form. “This is an unprecedented moment that makes everyone wish they had happy days, so we had an idea. Let’s make a music video to show how you are spending your time of social distancing ”.

The band made up of Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker and Matt Skiba want to see everything you do these days to keep you busy no matter what it is. In one of those and even your idea is shot. “Show us what you’re doing: singing, cooking, washing your hands excessively, trying weird dances on TikTok, we want to see it all! Submit your video clips and we’ll use our favorites to make a video for ‘Happy Days’”.

Wanna be in the Happy Days music video?

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– blink-182 (@ blink182) March 28, 2020

“Happy Days” is one of the new Blink-182 songs that is part of their last album Nine from September last year. An album that presents a renewed Blink, with a sound that does not stop feeling its own but at the same time new thanks to the incorporation of Skiba. A sound that is influenced by other genres but does not neglect punk.

Blink-182 is still scheduled to visit our country at the new Imperial festival on May 16 along with Two Door Cinema Club and Nick Murphy. The festival will take place at Parque Morelos in Tijuana. This unless the coronavirus continues to do their thing and they are forced to cancel or postpone the event.