‘Blindspotting’ – An accomplice hobby

‘Blindspotting’ arrives in time to position itself as a possible replacement for ‘Shameless’, now that the series created by John Wells has said goodbye to us after ten years of service to the community. Ten years, which is said soon, and that could have been two more as well, it could have been two less. The series had the measure taken so well both itself and its audience that everything flowed easily, simply and above all comfortable.

It is too early to know if ‘Blindspotting’ will go that far, although at first it shows aptitude for at least, what has been said, being able to at least try. It could well be a spin-off of the one as in fact it is from the film of the same title from 2018, one of those films that are very nice even without being really, nothing special. One of those movies with which Spike Lee made a name for himself, shot with good vibes instead of with bad luck.

In a good mood, I repeat, and always treating more or less serious subjects in a light and friendly way. It is not about harassing or annoying, but smiling with joy and in a way that shows the passage of Daveed Diggs and Jasmine Cephas Jones through the musical ‘Hamilton’. That music cannot be absent in this imitation of ‘Shameless’ under the same racial prism as ‘Vida’, a series that not by chance is similarly related to that of the Gallagher family.

Like that one, ‘Blindspotting’ is served in 30-minute servings that don’t leave much room, neither for downtime nor for deviating from a roadmap patched with the odd musical number. 30 minute rations that do not make you disgusted to come on top and let yourself be carried away by the emotion and shamelessness of the moment. As if in addition to making television, he was enjoying himself making television.

Or as I like to consider it, an accomplice hobby that treats you as if you were lifelong friends. Like the movie from which it derives (and which by the way is not necessary to see), ‘Blindspotting’ does not mark any agenda in a relevant way or occupy a predominant place in any list at the end of the year. It is neither the intention nor the reason why, being a nice and effective entertainment where there is no bad vibes that can with the good vibes.

By Juan Pairet Iglesias



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