Blas’s song He sang for Eurovision: flat and without spark, like an algorithm

Humans are dissatisfied and protesting beings. There are also less demanding people, of course, but when it comes to Eurovision … There is a large group of people: dissatisfied and protesters. Eurovision organizers were required to never again submit to popular will the election of our representative at the festival, which then passed ungovernable episodes such as Chikilicuatre. They demanded a formula more like northern Europe, that they know a lot about winning this festival. In other words: that a committee of experts chose someone with a certain background (and a good voice), with a career, but not very popular; Once the choice has been made, work it out ahead of time and carefully choose the song.

Blas Cantó was chosen by a musical Sanhedrin in October 2019, when the festival was held in May 2020. An ideal profile. The Murcian was tanned in Auryn and had a solo career on track. A professional. And there was time to work. Perfect. But the pandemic struck us. Now is the time and it has been almost a year and a half since the election. Long time to prepare. Too. So much so that Blas Cantó already seems like a former representative of Spain at the festival, like Miki Núñez or Manel Navarro.

The songs, yes, are new, since the one that was chosen for Eurovision 2020 was discarded (edition, remember, that was not held). They are new topics, but not new. They seem selected under the obsession for what triumphs in the commercial pop section on Spotify. The two presented by Blas Cantó, on the other hand a competent guy, seemed selected by an algorithm. Two pieces without pinch or claw, a musical thread destined to play in the background while one rambles on their social networks (which before was ironing). I’m going to stay (four composers), the ballad, lacks epicity, tragedy, solemnity; Memory (four other composers), more lively, lacks mischief, spark, incorrectness. They remember Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes … We said that: they remember … The algorithm. There is nothing original, surprise is ignored. Even an autotune would have raised our eyebrows. But not.

Blas Cantó defended them with enthusiasm and demonstrating solvent vocal conditions at the Destino Eurovisión gala (on La 1 de TVE), where the winner was revealed, the one that will represent Spain and RTVE in Eurovision 2021. He won I’m going to stay, the most voted by the public, a song of goodwill in which nothing happens. It begins, continues and ends. And that’s it.

In the program, which was somewhat heavy when wanting to extend it to two hours, Blas Cantó performed other songs with colleagues: Edurne, Cepera, Pastora Soler … One of them was Complicado, from Cantó’s first solo album, together with Vanessa Martin. And, gosh, this piece did bleed. For the rest, the interpreter offered a warm and charismatic image during the gala. If other participants in the last Eurovision were seen as a flower of a day, Cantó aims for a long career.

The Eurovision Song Contest is on May 22 in Rotterdam (Netherlands). Details remain to be seen, on the issue of the pandemic. As we do not have the heart for the lyric, the Spanish representative can even give us joy. It is about not making a fool of yourself and staying above 20. That would already be more than what Spain has achieved in the last five years.