Blas Cantó will represent Spain at the festival with “I’m going to stay”

On the night of Saturday, February 20, Spanish Television broadcast the delivery of ‘Destination Eurovision’ for Eurovision 2021, in which the fans of the festival had to choose with which of the two candidate songs Blas Cantó would represent Spain in the European competition: « Memory » or « I’m going to stay. » A gala in which there was also a tour of the artist’s career and some Eurovision moments, until the final result was announced: the Murcian would go to Rotterdam on behalf of Spain with « I’m going to stay ».

Blas sang during his interpretation of « I’m going to stay » in ‘DEstino Eurovisión’

The night started with a mashup of some iconic songs from the Eurovision Song Contest of recent years, performed by Cantó himself, to later give the artist the opportunity perform both candidate songs on stage, with their two performances. While in « I’m going to stay », the singer was surrounded by an intimate atmosphere, with night motifs with lights emulating the stars and the moon, « Memoria » was wrapped in a more lively atmosphere, full of colors and  » dances « in the lighting.

Throughout the gala, He sang had the opportunity to interpret various themes, both his own and those of his favorite artists or former Eurovision participants, alone or with different singers on the Spanish scene, such as Edurne, Vanesa Martín, Nia Correia or Andrés Suárez. What’s more, the Murcian also received the support of familiar faces from his surroundings, like Beatriz Luengo or Yolanda Ramos, who took part in the program via video call to send all their love to Blas on such a special night for him.

About « I’m going to stay »

Defined as a « power balad; genre that the artist dominates and allows him to show off on stage with his vocal ability » by TVE and Blas Cantó himself, « I’m going to stay » was composed by the Murcian with Leroy Sánchez, Daniel Ortega Dangelo ‘(co-writer of « I will not return » and « Universo ») and Dan Hammond (producer of « Universo »). A song that, as Blas himself confessed at the gala, « I composed it at the worst moment of my life. » « I lost my father in May to cancer and my grandmother to Covid in December », the singer recalled, excited, to later confess, thinking about it especially in the second one, that « when I sing this song, I remember that I was losing it. » « Emotion and reality is something that we definitely have to see in the festival », defended the Murcian then, before betting on that, with « I’m going to stay », « We have a little soundtrack to make it as good as possible ».