Blas Cantó records the English version of ‘I’m going to stay’, the song with which he will represent Spain in Eurovision 2021


Blas Cantó has recorded the English version of ‘I’m going to stay’, the song with which he will represent Spain at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest.

As detailed by RTVE this Thursday, it is “an intimate production with which the artist wants to extend the tour of the subject and that the spectators and fans of the contest from all over Europe get excited with the story behind it.”

“Just like last year, I wanted to do the English version of the song. I have been singing in English for many years of my career, I really like this language, it has a different sound and, above all, I would like people to understand the lyrics in the greater possible sites “, has affirmed the Murcian artist.

The version is titled ‘I’ll stay’ and, according to Blas Cantó, it takes the song “where he was born.” “We are going to make it more acoustic, to take the song a little to where it was born. It is a little longer. There are moments that we eliminate and that now we rescue for this version. I think it is a good moment to remember how it all began,” he assured to the RTVE Digital team in the recording studio.

“We have been working on this version for a month and I am very happy because it has preserved the meaning of the song and has taken it to another universe. And I would dare to say that when I sing it in English, I feel a little more relaxed. It may be because it is not my mother tongue and, in a way, the feelings are different. But I am very excited to sing it, “he explained.

Thus, remember that you have spent half your life singing in English. “Auryn’s albums were in English, and my throat got used to singing in that language. And when you sing in Spanish it seems a little more difficult, but I have improved it these years. The best thing is that now they are already at the same level, although I missed singing in English, “he acknowledged.