Blas Cantó, among the last positions of Eurovision 2021 according to the first bets

Bad news for Blas Cantó. The one who will be our representative at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest with the song « I’m going to stay », chosen at a criticized gala on February 20, he could have started the race to the pageant without the public on his side. At least, that’s what we can observe in the first bets.

Blas sang in ‘Destination Eurovision’

It’s a consolidated annual tradition: betting on who will win Eurovision they become, on many occasions, an approximate prediction of what will happen at the end of the month of May. While changes and variations are common as all the chosen songs start to be released and we start to watch rehearsals, for now, Blas would have gotten off to a bad start at most bookmakers.

With just ten songs released, the candidacy of Blas Cantó would not have convinced the eurofans, who would have relegated our representative to a poor position in most bets. On Betfair, Blas’s position would oscillate between 29th and 33rd of 41 countries participants. Eurovision World betting does not give a better result: currently, the Murcian would be in position 37. At Oddschecker, meanwhile, We recorded our worst position, placing us in the last six places. Will the singer manage to turn the first impressions around?

Iceland, Lithuania and Sweden, the three favorites

At the moment, the main bookmakers agree on targeting a possible top 3 formed by Iceland, Sweden and Lithuania. Virtually all agree on Iceland (with Daði & Gagnamagnið as representatives and still no song) as winner of the festival. Between the following two positions of the record range Lithuania (with the popular The Roop and his song « Discoteque ») and Sweden, which keeps your expectations high despite not having chosen your candidate yet.