Blanka Vlasic bows out

This Friday, the Croatian high jumper Blanka Vlasic (37), double world champion, announced her retirement.

It is a page in world athletics that is turning. Indeed, this Friday, the Croatian Blanka Vlasic, double world champion and double Olympic medalist in the high jump, announced her retirement, when she is now 37 years old. This decision is the result of a very large number of injuries accumulated over the past few years.

In an open letter announcing the news, the athlete wrote: “I tried to treat my injury for years, hoping to be able to come back to the bar. “During these famous last years, the main interested party has thus had to undergo” countless rehabilitation treatments and disappointments. I knew the time had come (note: to retire) and I was completely at ease. “In her writings, the sportswoman clarified that this decision was taken” naturally “.

Vlasic was never an Olympic champion

Blanka Vlasic certainly has one of the finest achievements in her discipline. Only, a major title, and not the least, will have always escaped him. Indeed, it is the Olympic title. At the Summer Olympics, the Croatian could not do better than a silver medal, in 2008, in Beijing, China. In 2016, in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, the jumper was then content with bronze.

On the other hand, the sportswoman managed to cover herself in gold at the world level and even twice. A first time in Osaka, Japan in 2007, before doing it again two years later, in 2009, to keep his title in Berlin, Germany. His harvest was also completed with a silver medal, in 2011, in Daegu, South Korea, and another in 2015, in Beijing, China.

Her record does not stop there for the one who was named athlete of the year in 2010. Her personal best is 2.08m, the second best jump in history, behind the 2.09m of Bulgarian Stefka. Kostadinova, world record holder.