Blanche Gardin fans know it: she puts a lot of herself in her shows. Very frank, she never hesitates to make confidences without filter in promotion. But that does not prevent her from wanting to master what she says. So, while an unauthorized biography on her comes out on August 13, 2020, she got angry with her ex-husband who spoke to journalist Nathalie Simon. The latter multiplies the confidences on the couple he formed at the time …

In the pages of Gala, which relates extracts from the book La vie rêveée by Blanche Gardin (l’Archipel), we learn a little more about the first marriage of Blanche Gardin (43 years old) with Nicolas Deconinck, painter. A story that takes root in the early 1990s at the time of high school, and which materialized in 1998 when the gentleman decided to ask the future star for a date. “Blanche arrived in a beautiful burgundy saree with her bottle green eyes and a physically visible intellectual levity, I found her splendid. It was the first time that I saw her dressed other than in military pants and docks“, he said.

Blanche Gardin, who went through a very difficult youth marked by a runaway of several months, experiences with drugs and the deaths of a boyfriend, as well as her dad, however lived happy and quirky moments with Nicolas Deconinck . “We were one, we protected each other, we regularly stole salmon from supermarkets and spent our nights talking while eating smoked salmon galore“, remembered her ex-husband.

The lovers took the leap of marriage in 2004 before divorcing five years later. A wedding for which the alliances came from Tati and on which an error had slipped since we could read Blanche and Rico! Despite the breakup, it is to him that Blanche Gardin will turn when she will be in a psychiatric hospital. If the understanding between the former spouses was good, the confidences of Nicolas Deconinck to Nathalie Simon would have thrown a chill between them and the comedian, who at last I heard was recased with the American comedian Louis CK, would be angry with him. .

Note that Blanche Gardin will be at the cinema in Erase History from August 26, 2020.