Blackalicious rapper Gift of Gab loses his life at 50

Gift of Gab rapper Blackalicious loses his life at 50 | INSTAGRAM

The industry of hip hop Y rap is in mourning, it was this Friday that Quannum, a union of rappers, communicated the following: “With great regret and sadness we announce that our dear brother b lost his life, also known as ‘The Gift of Gap'”.

Tim, as his loved ones called him, ended his path in this life this Friday, June 18, 2021. Two brothers and a sister remain as his living relatives. He had many nephews, more friends and all his fans around the world.

“We ask that the privacy of the family be respected while we mourn the loss of our dear brother,” they clarified.

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One of his representatives has clarified that he lost his life for natural causes. In recent years, the rapper suffered from kidney failure, which is why he underwent dialysis several times a week until he finally received a new kidney in January 2020, which also marked the last Blackalicious concert before the situation. world.

A friend of his took it upon himself to write his story in the rapper’s official Instagram profile He said, “I met Tim Parker, aka The Gift Of Gab, in September 1987 at John F. Kennedy High in Sacramento. He was a third year student and I was a second year student. I had moved to Sac earlier that summer from Union City. “

He continued: “Gab had moved there two years earlier from Pacoima. We had a home economics class together, Mr. Hightower, third period. He sat in the row directly behind me. Tim being from So Cal and I from Bahia, we argued throughout the class period about who was a drug addict, Ice T or Too Short. A friend of mine, Armstead Jackson, put me a mixtape he had from New York and on it was “Top Billin” from Audio Two. It blew my mind. Armstead lent me the tape. I put it on Tim that day in class. It blew his mind and we knew we actually had the same love for Hip Hop. “

The story continues “A rapper named Hom1cide came up to me one day and said,“ We ​​should form a group. You are the DJ and me and Tiny the MCs. Tiny’s Dope. “I said” Great “and we set out to be Sac’s version of Run DMC. The plans were immediately stopped when Hom1cide dropped out of school. We never heard from him again.”

“About six months passed and out of nowhere, Tim, who had now changed his rap name to Gabby T, calls me and says, ‘Yo X, I need a DJ.’ So I think he’s asking me to DJ him at a talent show or a school dance, so I say, “By when?” Tim then replies “Forever” and I say “Great”. That day marked the beginning of our journey. 34 years of brotherhood, deep friendship, artistic inspiration and musical exploration ”.

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Finally, he says goodbye with the following: “A brother for life … always excited and inspired by the possibilities … I will miss the passion with which he approached music and existence. Damn it, I didn’t want to read this Rest in peace friend … we will never forget you ”.

Born in Sacramento on October 7, 1971, Parker attended high school with Moseley in the California capital, eventually forming Blackalicious while Moseley was studying at the nearby University of California Davis. There was an association between the duo and fellow Davis-area artists DJ Shadow and Lyrics Born.

After a series of EPs in the mid-1990s, culminating in 1999 A2G, featuring the duo’s most enduring and inspiring song, “Alphabet Aerobics” – Blackalicious released their acclaimed 1999 debut album, nya. On “Alphabet Aerobics,” The Gift of Gab showcased his sharp lyrical plot and twisted, uninterrupted ironic diction, delivering an uninterrupted rap in which he focused the first letter of each word in each verse on a specific letter.

Parker had left over 100 tracks for future Blackalicious releases. “Some of these were already scheduled for the next release, but more of Gap’s singing genius will be heard in the years to come,” a representative said in their statement.

Rest in peace this great artist, Gift of Gab, Timothy J. Parker.

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