Black Widow’s box office forecasts point to a premiere of 63 million

Image of Black Widow (2020)Image of Black Widow (2020)

Now that it is official that “Black Widow” will be released in theaters next July 9 (in addition to a parallel launch on Disney +), we can start to return to some normality and talk about box office forecasts for what will be the first Marvel Studios film premiere in two years. As we can read in Observer, the different delays have allowed Disney to find a date that maximizes the collection projections.

As they comment on the portal, the delay from May 7 to July 9 have increased the forecasts at the domestic level from 45 to 170 million, practically an order of magnitude more, along with a 63 million opening weekend. This occurs in a context in which only 55% of theaters in the United States are currently open (although the advance in vaccination will increase that number in the coming weeks) and with capacity limitations.

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Jeff Bock, Senior Box Office Analyst at Exhibitor Relations, has commented on how positive this delay has turned out:

As for Marvel and the other movies that have been pushed back into the summer, that can only help their cause at a time when all signs point to a film industry that will become more resistant. That’s great news for blockbusters, who have budgets skyrocketing to $ 200 million.

This comes shortly after the premiere in “Godzilla vs Kong” which has followed a similar fate to that of “Black Widow” opening in theaters but also on HBO Max for a month, in this case at no additional expense. The result has been 300 million at the box office in two weeks with strong success in China, raising the industry’s hopes for a return to normalcy in the relatively near future.

However, while we wait to see if these data are fulfilled, we will have to settle for the promotional campaign of Marvel Studios, which has recently reactivated with a trailer to the sound of the Avengers theme.

Via information | Observer