Black Widow: the director thinks a sequel without Scarlett Johansson is possible

The wait to see Black Widow – 96% goes well beyond the delays caused by the pandemic. Since the character played by Scarlett Johansson made her appearance in Iron Man 2 – 72% and established himself as an essential part of the team in The Avengers – 92%, the fans longed for him to have his own franchise like the rest of the heroes. However, the famous spy had to find other projects to shine. For a long time there was talk about the possible sexism in this decision and how his character was used and presented in the other tapes, so his closure in Avengers: Endgame – 95% was perceived as bittersweet to many.

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The good news is that the character finally has the opportunity, somewhat belated, to prove that he does not need the initiators of the MCU to keep the attention of the loyal fans of Marvel. The solo film almost feels like compensation for Johansson who went from being hyper-sexualized on paper to being presented as a complex and interesting heroine. Perhaps the very insistence of the actress and her fans made the MCU break its tradition by creating a prequel about someone we already know is dead in the timeline they are following.

Unlike other deliveries, Black widow It is designed and structured as a unique project, which although it has connections with characters from the famous universe, does not necessarily present a concrete advance for Phase 4 of the MCU. What is definitely true is that the arrival of Florence Pugh, one of the most popular and sought-after actresses of the moment, opens many paths for this story that has already been compared to Captain America: The Winter Soldier – 89%.

It is essential to take into account that Disney Y Marvel They won’t leave door unopened (explode), so yeah Black widow has the expected success, and everything indicates that it will be, it is easy to think of ways to continue with the idea. The director herself, Cate Shortland, does not rule out the possibility of filming more tapes, even if Johansson has no intention of returning. In a recent interview for Radio Times, the director assured that she would not hesitate to return to work for the MCU.

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Shortland spoke highly of the experience and revealed that she sees making a sequel very possible, but without Johansson, who is determined to leave the MCU:

I think following another character, yes. I think Scarlett is really happy to leave the party, you know, and that she wasn’t the last to leave. She decided that she wanted to leave. And I don’t think she wants to go back right now.

When asked if Black widow served to pass the post to Yelena Belova, the character of Florence pugh, the director commented:

My focus was on Black Widow, and what the characters do with our story. So it wasn’t focused on Florence beyond that.

The first criticisms about the tape and the fact that there are strong rumors about an appearance in the series of Hawkeye, seem to indicate that Pugh will keep the title that he carried for years Natasha romanoff.

What the director did rescue is her desire to further exploit the character of Alexei / Red Guardian, played by David Harbor, although he acknowledged that she is not the one who will decide if there will be more films and if we will see more of these characters or not. The premiere of Black widow is yet to come and is expected to be one of the most important titles to save commercial cinemas worldwide. Although the tape will also be available in Disney +, The truth is that fans seriously consider going to the movies so as not to lose all the magic and grace of enjoying Marvel on the big screen. It will be after public opinions that a possible sequel will or will not get the green light within the immense MCU schedule.

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