‘Black Widow’ could open the door to the prequel era in Marvel

After successive delays and the concern of fans for the fate of the film, Black Widow (Black Widow) is about to be released. The anticipation surrounding the new Marvel Cinematic Universe movie that tells the origin story of one of the franchise’s most beloved characters is high.

Until the end of 2019, Marvel’s timeline had given a vote of confidence to the argument that tells the origin story of Natasha Romanoff. The history of Black Widow would be in charge of opening Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe after the successful closing of the previous stage with The Avengers: Endgame.

But doubts about the public’s reaction to the return to theaters after the pandemic caused the original plans to be modified. Producer Kevin Feige has been insistent on the fact that the changes have not been as considerable as they are supposed to. But the reality is that have been essential to understand the new dimension of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

From what seemed like a walkthrough of a new generation of characters, Phase 4 seems to be more focused on a rethinking of the franchise. One that also covers from its central points – how and in what way the story is told – and its relevance today.

So far, all three narrative experiments that comprise the Marvel series have been successful. WandaVision became a hit with the public and audience. For their part, Falcon and the Winter Soldier managed to create a solid replacement for the figure of Captain America. Currently, Loki raises the multiverse from its origin and, according to Kevin Feige, the series will be “capital” to understand the stories below.

So Black Widow joins the narrative, context and temporal experiments that Marvel proposes for its next stage. But it could not be the only one, far from it, the most important of a series of projects that could be born from its success.

‘Black Widow’: death is not the end of the road

Pursued by a force that will stop at nothing to end her, Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff) must face her past as a spy and the relationships she broke long before she became an Avenger.

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In the comics, the death of a character rarely means the end of his journey through the stories he connects with. However, in the cinema things do not seem so simple. In fact, Endgame was considered a milestone in the way of telling superhero stories.

Especially because it did not bring back to life several of the superheroes killed by Thanos before his deadly snap. Even more relevant is the death of tony stark, a definite break with the form and substance of the Marvel franchise until then.

However, although it does not seem to be in Marvel’s plans to bring back the deceased during the Endgame plot, the objective seems to be another. Kevin Feige told IndieWire that Black Widow will most likely open the door to similar narratives.

In other words, other characters are more than likely to get prequels and spin offs. Everything, of course, according to the success that the spy story could have on the screen. During this week, it has been debated that everything depends on the box office performance of the Shortland movie.

“Certainly this movie and this story is a particular case for Natasha,” Feige said, according to SlashFilm. “But the notion of exploring the past, present and future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is certainly on the cards of all of our characters. This particular story is very personal, very specific to Natasha. ”

The film, starring Scarlett Johansson and with a cast that includes Florence Pugh, David Harbor and Rachel Weisz, is a full-blown experiment. Not only for the fact of telling the origin story of a deceased character. Also for conditioning the possibility that secondary luxury can return to the screen.

If Black Widow turns out to be a success – and according to early critics, everything seems to indicate that it will be – it is more than likely an open door to something else. After all, the individual series’ experiments have been successful enough to consider a new step from Marvel. Is it time for the great prequels?

A step back and a story to tell

Marvel Studios Black Widow

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is full of fancy supporting characters. Some so attractive that it is difficult do not tell your story. Could Black Widow be a completely new project and outside of the usual Marvel canon?

Is it possible that Thanos could have a prequel that told his story long before he became a genocide? After all, the mad titan is related to the character of Angelina Jolie in the upcoming The Eternals.

Could there be a story for Ancestral, the mysterious and powerful leader of the Wizards of the wizarding world? Played by Tilda Swinton, she is perhaps one of the most enigmatic characters in the series. Also one whose origin completely breaks with the comic, which could allow a parallel evolution.

The story could also be related to Henry Pym, creator of the particles that bear his name and responsible, almost by accident, for the now classic Time Heist. Embodied in fiction by Michael Douglas, the character was important enough to be part of Endgame.

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The same could be said for most dangerous of all spies, Nick Fury. Could Black Widow open up the possibility of a complete narrative for the character of Samuel L. Jackson? After all, the Secret Invasion series will include you and will more than likely add material to your story. The big question is: could this be the ideal time to delve into what could undoubtedly be a gripping journey through Marvel’s political intricacies?

For now, everything seems to depend on the success of the movie Black Widow. The most optimistic estimates indicate that could open with moderate box office success of 90 million dollars. If so, the first Marvel movie in almost two years would be not only the demonstration that the franchise has a lot to say.

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